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NSW Gun Laws –

Clearing up the Confusion

In December 2015 and January 2016, I had two break-ins into my property that were probably better classed as home invasions, as I was home on both occasions.

ollowing the second break-in, a sequence of events occurred, a day and a half after the break-in was reported, the details of which I will not repeat here to save embarrassment for those involved.

Arising from that situation, I was incorrectly charged with a breach of the NSW Firearms legislation and within 24 hours, had my firearms licenses suspended. The following day, officers from the local area licensing branch took away my firearms and ammunition into police storage.

Seven months, three court appearances and $8,500 in legal cost later, the charge was withdrawn, my licenses were promptly reinstated and my firearms and ammunition returned in good order.

While the circumstances were very stressful for me during the suspension period, with the prospect of the activity that had been my major interest and sport for over 50 years being taken away, it proved positive in one respect.

Because I was reasonably well known around the shooting fraternity, and was also a member of several local shooting clubs, I received lots of questions and inquiries related to NSW Firearms Laws issues, and I soon became obvious that there was considerable confusion about many aspects of the NSW gun laws, particularly since the introduction of the Ammunition legislation in 2012.

In discussing some of these issues with my local area command licensing police, I put together series of questions that dealt with some of the issues that were apparently not well understood by firearms license holders and after discussions with the NSW Firearms Registry, a project was set up to get official answers to these questions, some of which were not easily answered clearly in the legislation.

It proved to be a time-consuming project taking over 2 months, with the documentation having to be carefully reviewed at levels above and beyond the NSW Firearms Registry. The following Q&A section is reproduced word for word from the information signed off by Bruce Lyons – Director of the NSW Firearms Registry.


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