By Ben Drewe

6 August 2009


DEAN Brus feels he and fellow Orange competitor Dave Oates will be shooting for Australia at the WA1500 World Championships in Germany on a level playing field after training with the European targets used at Worlds.

Brus competed at the championships two years ago and was disadvantaged by training with the traditional Australian circular targets rather than the arrow targets used in Europe.

He and Oates, who make up the Australian team, have had targets sent out for training and the pair have put them to good use ahead of flying out to Germany on Monday.

“The Europeans have always indicated to us that once you start shooting this arrow then it’s easier,” Brus said.

“They couldn’t believe the scores that we shot centre-aiming.

“I think I’ve got my head around the arrow now, I’ve been shooting it now for a couple of weeks pretty solidly and I’m certainly shooting scores I haven’t been shooting before, consistently at least.”

Both Orange shooters will benefit from having their Australian team mate close by as the pair have trained together extensively in the lead up to the event.

Oates finished ahead of Brus in the WA1500 revolver at the State Championships in Gulgong last month, while Brus has relegated Oates to second on occasion in the past.

Recording a quinella is their main focus and Brus says training together gives them the best chance to achieve that at Worlds.

“It’s the absolute best asset you can have,” he said. “We’re very, very fortunate to have each other.

“Dave got around me at the state championships, but we came one and two.

“There is going to be times when he wins and I win, but I think the key there is if we keep one and two in any event we go in.

“The preparation has been good. We’ve both had this week off (work) and we’re shooting the European targets, which we have access to now.

“Me personally, I think I’m in the best form I’ve ever been in. So I’m pretty pleased with my lead up and training.”

Wicks took out the 25 yard service pistol in the master grade when he shot 634 out of 650 in Gulgong.

Oates did, however, pick up two gold medals himself, while Brus won silver and bronze medals.

The WA1500 World Championships will run from August 14-16 and will be held in Philippsburg, Germany.


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